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MCC provides advisory and consulting services to steel mills, coal companies and coke plants in the USA, China, India, Russia, S. Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Columbia, Brazil Mexico, Argentina, Peru and various other countries around the world. We have extensive knowledge of coking quality of coals from all over the world.

MCC assists clients in Coal Blend Designing and various Heat Recovery Coke Making Technologies.

MCC brings over 75 years of combined Global Experience that stretches from United States, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa in the areas of:

  • Technology - Coke blend design, Coke quality and analysis, Heat Recovery
  • Operations - Coke blast furnaces, non recovery and slot oven coke making
  • Development - Assist Clients to Develop and Manage ground up Construction
  • Financing - Advise Clients to finance multimillion dollar development projects

MCC executives are invited by major Universities from all over the world to lecture on wide range of topics ranging from coke production to theories of coal blending

MCC executives have chaired major industry conferences for Metallurgical Coke

MCC professionals have presented and published numerous technical papers, more than 70 scientific articles and various book chapters, and are a contributor to the American Iron and Steel Institute's web site

MCC professionals have International Business experience in consulting and management roles in multinational corporations in India and China

MCC professionals led the following companies coke strategy to build non recovery batteries at Indiana Harbor for ArcelorMittal (formerly Ispat-Inland Steel-USA), BLA-India, Sanjia Technical Institute-China.

MCC executive Dr. Hardarshan Valia, has been honored by the Iron & Steel Society, the American Iron & Steel institute, the AIST Joseph Kapitan Award, and the CCSD/CSIRO, Australia. He has chaired national and international technical sessions and participated on technical committees.

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