Met Coke Consultants

Business Model

We have the world wide connections in the Coal and coke industry to expand your market. We can bring companies together that can mutually benefit by joining forces. Let us propose a new business model for your company that will put your coal and coke industry in a joint venture to expand all sectors of your business.

The new technology in coke making now produces a clean supply of energy that lends itself to co-generation of electricity. Coke producers are looking for "out lets" for this power and ready to supply electric companies with supplemental power for peek demand conditions. We can set-up joint venture with coke makers and your power company.

Met coal companies need to be tied to end users and we provide the world wide industry contacts to put in touch with the right customer. Coal blends using semi coking coals are more versatile that ever with the new heat recovery coke making technology. We can provide the technical expertise to get your coal matched in a blend that will enhance your marketability. Let us canalize your coal and connect with you in touch with potential customers.

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